Why Buy Travel Insurance – The Top Seven Reasons

The majority of travelers do not buy travel insurance. You have traveled, and all your trips have been pleasant experiences. You can see nothing that can go wrong. However, it still is a good idea to get adequate coverage for your trip because it can protect you from unexpected financial burdens. Emergency hospitalization, delayed or cancelled flights, or stolen baggage can put pressure on you. The pressure is not only emotional, but also financial.

The top seven reasons why you should buy travel insurance are listed below:

1. Delayed or Cancelled Flights

You have paid for air tickets, booked hotel rooms and made travel arrangements. A delayed flight can cause financial loss in several ways. A missed appointment, canceling your booked hotel rooms and missed opportunities for sightseeing can all be costly. There will not be any refunds for the hotel rooms or tickets to special events. A delayed or cancelled flight translates into unwanted expenses.

2. Medical Emergency in a Foreign Country

You may not get the same health insurance coverage in a different country. However, some health policies do cover medical expenses incurred while in a foreign country. You may not have internationally valid health insurance. In that case, you had better buy a travel insurance policy with adequate coverage.

3. Protection against Loss of Baggage, Travel Documents

It can happen to anyone. Someone can steal your baggage. Someone can rob your personal belongings and important documents away. It doesn’t happen everywhere. However, it is too horrible an experience to manage on your own.

4. Baggage Delay

If you don’t receive your baggage in time, it can also cause stress. You may need to buy essential clothing, personal care items and other necessities. There is insurance coverage that covers such expenses too.

5. Accident

You are involved in an accident. You will need medical evacuation. It can be a very costly matter. Buy travel insurance to cover such unforeseen and unfortunate experiences.

6. A Terrorist Attack

No place is safe from terrorist attacks. Even America has experienced some of the most daring attacks. Although counter-terrorism mechanisms are in place, there are still attacks going on around the world. Airlines are not safe. Hotels are not safe. Restaurants are not safe. Roads are not safe. You need protection. While insurance coverage can’t give you physical protection, it can minimize the financial burdens.

7. The Airline Going Bankrupt

This is mostly a hypothetical scenario only. However, there is a possibility there. Not many would buy travel insurance because they fear bankruptcy.

Travel insurance can come as an addition to airline tickets or travel packages. You can also buy travel insurance from your insurer. It is always a good idea to consider the insurance coverage you have. That is, you may not need extra health coverage if you already have adequate insurance.